Don’t Get Duped-What To Look For in a Quality Half Wig

Wigs are making a big comeback, and the wig varieties available now provide women with more styling options and opportunities to express themselves without the commitment of traditional sew-in-weaves or other hair extensions.

One of the newest innovations is the half wig, these types of wigs allow for your own natural hairline  to be exposed in the front and the wig is placed behind the hairline usually with a large wig comb to allow for a more natural appearance. These types of half wigs are what you can see on some celebrities including Beyonce, Ciara, Jessica Simpson, Kim Zolciak and countless others.

If you have any experience with some of the wigs in the past, then you will appreciate the fact that the wig will no longer look as-if it is sitting on top of your head, as the half wig allow a seamless transition with your own natural hairline and the wig.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a half wig:

– Look for half wigs that have adjustable straps in the back, which will allow you to get the most secure fit possible. Some half wigs do not offer this feature and the result is a half wig that is unsecure, and more likely to not fit your head properly.

– Certain half wigs also come with wig clips at the temples which allow for additional support. The wig clips can also help the half wig to adjust better to your own head eliminating the bulky look that some half wigs are known to have.

– Some half wigs offer lace tops and or fronts which helps the wig to lay flatter ensuring that it looks more realistic as opposed to regular half wigs without the lace. (When choosing this type make sure the lace is a good quality as certain plastic lace materials can be irritating to the scalp.)

– Invest in quality hair-Some higher end half wig boutiques use remy hair for their half wigs, as this type of hair material is a great choice for those wanting the half wigs to last longer, and look as realistic as possible.

– Durable Construction-If your half wig unit has machine wefted hair attached to the wig base make sure that the tracks are attached properly. There is nothing worse than having tracks hanging out of your unit for everyone to see.

Final Thoughts:

Half wigs are a great investment and they provide a quick and easy way to switch up your hairstyle without the dangers associated with heat, dyes, combs & brushes. Of course price is an important factor when choosing a half wig, however it is important to not only think in terms of cost when choosing a half wig, as you’ve probally heard before “The cheap comes out expensive.”  But, also ensure that you are picking a half wig that is long lasting, natural looking and made with quality materials. You too can have that glamourous or everyday hairstyle that only you will know is a half wig when you put in a little due diligence before making a purchase. Hope this helps

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  1. Brenda says:

    Very nice info, I am interested in half wigs but was looking for more info on what to look for to make sure I get the best. Thanks for this!

  2. With its wide array of choices, you can purchase an in stock unit that’s suited to your style or have one customs made to all your specific needs and requirements. However in stock units can be quickly obtained; whereby custom ordered unit may require more than 3 weeks for development.

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