Half Wig Styles To Try Out-Look Great & Keep Your Hair Healthy Too!

By now you are aware of the many benefits of wearing half wigs, you might even own one by now but after a few wears you might be looking for a way to spice up your everyday look and don’t want to purchase a new half wig just yet. If this is the case, then it is time for you to take a look at some of these easy styling options to give yourself an entirely new look.

Easy Half Wigs Styles:

Half Up Half Down

Part oHalf Wig styleut the front of your own hair (part from ear to ear across head) then attach the half wig directly behind the section that you parted out. Brush your own hair upwards and creating a small hump in the front then secure in the back with a decorative hair pin or elastic tie.

You can also add a side swept bang for flair, or opt for a edgy look with a fro-hawk style!


Braids in front down in back
Half Wigs With BraidsBraid the front portion of your hair, you can experiment with different braid styles such as zig zag parts or opt for the traditional straight back look. Once you’ve completed the braids, attach the half wig behind the braided section for a complete look. The number of braids cornrowed back is up to you, try tiny braids or go for a time saver by braiding just a few braids going back!

Half Wig Classic Style

If you have a straight human hair half wig use rollers to achieve a new look, the smaller the rollers the tighter the curl pattern will be, so keep this in mind. You can go for a fierce diva look or a more sleek and sophisticated look for work or school.

.Half Wigs In A Curly Style

Half Wigs can be a neat way to maintain the health of your natural hair while still rocking fabulous new hairstyle. Since warmer weather is on the way, try a highlight color combination or opt for something in a little lighter hue than what you would normally wear as summer is a great time to spice up your current look. Another One of the great thing about half wigs is that you can switch up your hairstyle, without any commitments go shorter or longer in an instant. Happy styling!

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