Half Wig:A Unique Styling Option

If you have ever worn a regular wig you know how uncomfortable and unrealistic many of them can look, especially if the hair is not of high quality. Wigs can be a great way to give your hair a break from the everyday stresses received from styling and heat. A half wig can also be an awesome way to allow your hair to grow and rest, which is great for those that might be transitioning into natural hair or for those with relaxed hair that wish to minimize damage.

Half wigs can come in a variety of styles, colors and textures that can mimic your natural hair texture exactly. There are even half wigs that include lace tops as well as lace fronts which will help the half wig look as realistic as possible. The hair material used can range from lower quality synthetic fibers all the way up to premium remy hair half wigs.

Although, finding remy hair wigs can be more difficult as most manufactures opt for the less expensive route of man-made fibers. The end result is a wig that does not look as realistic as possible and also will need to be replaced sooner as it will not hold up well to normal everyday wear. On the contrary, a half wig made of quality remy hair can last for up to a year if not longer with proper maintenance as the hair is human and can be conditioned and washed as you would your own hair. They not only look good but the end result is a better return of your investment dollars.

So how much of an investment would one face for a remy hair half wig? That can vary as it is hard to place a price on quality, however on average you can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$200 for the higher quality half wigs. As opposed to $20-$100 for synthetics or other lower quality fibers. Don’t let the higher price stop you from choosing a remy hair half wig, as price should not be the only determining factor when investing in a half wig, as the remy hair provide benefits that far outweigh any negatives associated with price.

For instance, remy hair wigs are able to be curled, flat-ironed, crimped, waved, dyed or styled just about any way that suits your tastes and needs. The hair will also hold up much better which means that you will not need to replace the unit every 2 weeks (which is usually the timeframe that the synthetic fibers would need to be replaced.) If you’re more of a numbers person let’s take a look at the math…. The lower quality wigs average around $20 with a lifespan of around 2 weeks, after that you can toss them out and replace with another one…which would run around $40 per month by the end of the year your total cost would be $480—and this is on the conservative side as many synthetic half wigs/futura fiber wigs cost around $40 bringing your yearly investment to a whopping $960!

These types of wigs usually have limited styling options and often times scream “wig” with their unnatural shine and just too perfect curls and waves. Now who wants to spend money on a half wig that looks fake….?  Ultimately, the decision however for many women it is easy to see why the investment in a higher quality half wig is worth the up-front costs.

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