Hair extensions means hair loss—could a half wig be the way to save your tresses?

In a recent article it was noted that hair extensions (although hugely popular) are becoming dangerous.Half Wigs As evidenced throughout out the article many women who opt to wear hair extensions are experiencing tremendous ill effects to their own hair. These effects include hair loss, hair thinning and balding, which is contributed to either improper application of the extensions or from the additional strain that the extensions (weaves) are causing to their own hair shaft.

Many women from the article where in their early twenties and are already experiencing the negative effects of their continued use of extensions which included alopecia and severe hair loss as a result of the extensions. This happened whether the extensions had been clipped in, sewn in or placed in via another method.

However, one has to wonder if the means justifies the ends? Of course the long flowing hair looks beautiful and can make anyone feel more glamorous and sexy, but there has got to be a better way that will allow women everywhere to look good without sacrificing their own hair health in the process.

The best way to do this in our opinion is by wearing half wigs, but we aren’t just talking about the half wigs that are cheaply designed with synthetic fibers that turn into a rats nest after a week of wear. No not at all, what we mean are high quality human hair half wigs that will withstand the test of time. Not only will you still have the hair of your dreams, but you will also be doing a favor to your real hair by allowing it to rest and get TLC if it has been damaged by bad dye jobs, over processing from chemicals, or if you have a case of alopecia or other health concerns which causes you to stress in regards to your hair.

Although extensions are far more popular than half wigs currently, we feel that as more and more women become educated on their options that there will be a surge of people that opt for a healthier alternative to damaging extensions. With the many advances being made in the industry, companies are now designing half wigs that offer the ultimate in sophistication while still remaining undetectable. The half wigs of today are not to be confused with the granny wigs of yesterday.

Don’t get us wrong as we are not bashing weaves or extensions—but as a long term solution they are not the best option for the health of your hair. As while wearing extensions you cannot pamper you hair properly, resulting in your hair not reaching its full growth potential.  Using extension methods are merely an aesthetically pleasing way to cover up a problem, instead of a solution that actively works to fix the problem.

On the other hand, if you can have the best of both worlds—great looking hair with the ability to switch up styles when you feel like it, all while being able to nurture your own hair,  the choice is obvious. A half wig is really the way to go!


What are your thoughts on extensions and half wigs?

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