Half Wig Styles To Try Out-Look Great & Keep Your Hair Healthy Too!

By now you are aware of the many benefits of wearing half wigs, you might even own one by now but after a few wears you might be looking for a way to spice up your everyday look and don’t want to purchase a new half wig just yet. If this is the case, then it is time for you to take a look at some of these easy styling options to give yourself an entirely new look.

Easy Half Wigs Styles:

Half Up Half Down

Part oHalf Wig styleut the front of your own hair (part from ear to ear across head) then attach the half wig directly behind the section that you parted out. Brush your own hair upwards and creating a small hump in the front then secure in the back with a decorative hair pin or elastic tie.

You can also add a side swept bang for flair, or opt for a edgy look with a fro-hawk style!


Braids in front down in back
Half Wigs With BraidsBraid the front portion of your hair, you can experiment with different braid styles such as zig zag parts or opt for the traditional straight back look. Once you’ve completed the braids, attach the half wig behind the braided section for a complete look. The number of braids cornrowed back is up to you, try tiny braids or go for a time saver by braiding just a few braids going back!

Half Wig Classic Style

If you have a straight human hair half wig use rollers to achieve a new look, the smaller the rollers the tighter the curl pattern will be, so keep this in mind. You can go for a fierce diva look or a more sleek and sophisticated look for work or school.

.Half Wigs In A Curly Style

Half Wigs can be a neat way to maintain the health of your natural hair while still rocking fabulous new hairstyle. Since warmer weather is on the way, try a highlight color combination or opt for something in a little lighter hue than what you would normally wear as summer is a great time to spice up your current look. Another One of the great thing about half wigs is that you can switch up your hairstyle, without any commitments go shorter or longer in an instant. Happy styling!

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Hair extensions means hair loss—could a half wig be the way to save your tresses?

In a recent article it was noted that hair extensions (although hugely popular) are becoming dangerous.Half Wigs As evidenced throughout out the article many women who opt to wear hair extensions are experiencing tremendous ill effects to their own hair. These effects include hair loss, hair thinning and balding, which is contributed to either improper application of the extensions or from the additional strain that the extensions (weaves) are causing to their own hair shaft.

Many women from the article where in their early twenties and are already experiencing the negative effects of their continued use of extensions which included alopecia and severe hair loss as a result of the extensions. This happened whether the extensions had been clipped in, sewn in or placed in via another method.

However, one has to wonder if the means justifies the ends? Of course the long flowing hair looks beautiful and can make anyone feel more glamorous and sexy, but there has got to be a better way that will allow women everywhere to look good without sacrificing their own hair health in the process.

The best way to do this in our opinion is by wearing half wigs, but we aren’t just talking about the half wigs that are cheaply designed with synthetic fibers that turn into a rats nest after a week of wear. No not at all, what we mean are high quality human hair half wigs that will withstand the test of time. Not only will you still have the hair of your dreams, but you will also be doing a favor to your real hair by allowing it to rest and get TLC if it has been damaged by bad dye jobs, over processing from chemicals, or if you have a case of alopecia or other health concerns which causes you to stress in regards to your hair.

Although extensions are far more popular than half wigs currently, we feel that as more and more women become educated on their options that there will be a surge of people that opt for a healthier alternative to damaging extensions. With the many advances being made in the industry, companies are now designing half wigs that offer the ultimate in sophistication while still remaining undetectable. The half wigs of today are not to be confused with the granny wigs of yesterday.

Don’t get us wrong as we are not bashing weaves or extensions—but as a long term solution they are not the best option for the health of your hair. As while wearing extensions you cannot pamper you hair properly, resulting in your hair not reaching its full growth potential.  Using extension methods are merely an aesthetically pleasing way to cover up a problem, instead of a solution that actively works to fix the problem.

On the other hand, if you can have the best of both worlds—great looking hair with the ability to switch up styles when you feel like it, all while being able to nurture your own hair,  the choice is obvious. A half wig is really the way to go!


What are your thoughts on extensions and half wigs?

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Don’t Get Duped-What To Look For in a Quality Half Wig

Wigs are making a big comeback, and the wig varieties available now provide women with more styling options and opportunities to express themselves without the commitment of traditional sew-in-weaves or other hair extensions.

One of the newest innovations is the half wig, these types of wigs allow for your own natural hairline  to be exposed in the front and the wig is placed behind the hairline usually with a large wig comb to allow for a more natural appearance. These types of half wigs are what you can see on some celebrities including Beyonce, Ciara, Jessica Simpson, Kim Zolciak and countless others.

If you have any experience with some of the wigs in the past, then you will appreciate the fact that the wig will no longer look as-if it is sitting on top of your head, as the half wig allow a seamless transition with your own natural hairline and the wig.

Here are some tips to consider when choosing a half wig:

– Look for half wigs that have adjustable straps in the back, which will allow you to get the most secure fit possible. Some half wigs do not offer this feature and the result is a half wig that is unsecure, and more likely to not fit your head properly.

– Certain half wigs also come with wig clips at the temples which allow for additional support. The wig clips can also help the half wig to adjust better to your own head eliminating the bulky look that some half wigs are known to have.

– Some half wigs offer lace tops and or fronts which helps the wig to lay flatter ensuring that it looks more realistic as opposed to regular half wigs without the lace. (When choosing this type make sure the lace is a good quality as certain plastic lace materials can be irritating to the scalp.)

– Invest in quality hair-Some higher end half wig boutiques use remy hair for their half wigs, as this type of hair material is a great choice for those wanting the half wigs to last longer, and look as realistic as possible.

– Durable Construction-If your half wig unit has machine wefted hair attached to the wig base make sure that the tracks are attached properly. There is nothing worse than having tracks hanging out of your unit for everyone to see.

Final Thoughts:

Half wigs are a great investment and they provide a quick and easy way to switch up your hairstyle without the dangers associated with heat, dyes, combs & brushes. Of course price is an important factor when choosing a half wig, however it is important to not only think in terms of cost when choosing a half wig, as you’ve probally heard before “The cheap comes out expensive.”  But, also ensure that you are picking a half wig that is long lasting, natural looking and made with quality materials. You too can have that glamourous or everyday hairstyle that only you will know is a half wig when you put in a little due diligence before making a purchase. Hope this helps

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Half Wig:A Unique Styling Option

If you have ever worn a regular wig you know how uncomfortable and unrealistic many of them can look, especially if the hair is not of high quality. Wigs can be a great way to give your hair a break from the everyday stresses received from styling and heat. A half wig can also be an awesome way to allow your hair to grow and rest, which is great for those that might be transitioning into natural hair or for those with relaxed hair that wish to minimize damage.

Half wigs can come in a variety of styles, colors and textures that can mimic your natural hair texture exactly. There are even half wigs that include lace tops as well as lace fronts which will help the half wig look as realistic as possible. The hair material used can range from lower quality synthetic fibers all the way up to premium remy hair half wigs.

Although, finding remy hair wigs can be more difficult as most manufactures opt for the less expensive route of man-made fibers. The end result is a wig that does not look as realistic as possible and also will need to be replaced sooner as it will not hold up well to normal everyday wear. On the contrary, a half wig made of quality remy hair can last for up to a year if not longer with proper maintenance as the hair is human and can be conditioned and washed as you would your own hair. They not only look good but the end result is a better return of your investment dollars.

So how much of an investment would one face for a remy hair half wig? That can vary as it is hard to place a price on quality, however on average you can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$200 for the higher quality half wigs. As opposed to $20-$100 for synthetics or other lower quality fibers. Don’t let the higher price stop you from choosing a remy hair half wig, as price should not be the only determining factor when investing in a half wig, as the remy hair provide benefits that far outweigh any negatives associated with price.

For instance, remy hair wigs are able to be curled, flat-ironed, crimped, waved, dyed or styled just about any way that suits your tastes and needs. The hair will also hold up much better which means that you will not need to replace the unit every 2 weeks (which is usually the timeframe that the synthetic fibers would need to be replaced.) If you’re more of a numbers person let’s take a look at the math…. The lower quality wigs average around $20 with a lifespan of around 2 weeks, after that you can toss them out and replace with another one…which would run around $40 per month by the end of the year your total cost would be $480—and this is on the conservative side as many synthetic half wigs/futura fiber wigs cost around $40 bringing your yearly investment to a whopping $960!

These types of wigs usually have limited styling options and often times scream “wig” with their unnatural shine and just too perfect curls and waves. Now who wants to spend money on a half wig that looks fake….?  Ultimately, the decision however for many women it is easy to see why the investment in a higher quality half wig is worth the up-front costs.

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Welcome to HalfWig.Net

Welcome to HalfWig.net

If you are interested in learning more about half wigs then you’ve come to the right place. More information coming soon!

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